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Courseware Development is an area in which we excel and a list of the titles already completed – either for own purposes or on commission with full copyright vesting in the client - is provided below. The list includes courseware developed or adapted for e-learning delivery.

Development of Training Courses and Assessment Tools:

Apply visionary leadership to develop strategy (SAQA US)
Manage induction of new staff (SAQA US)
Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions (SAQA US)
Produce an HR plan to achieve organisational results (SAQA US)
Administer a disciplinary and grievance policy and procedure (SAQA US)
Institute disciplinary action (SAQA US)
Manage diversity in the workplace (SAQA US)
Apply workplace communication skills (SAQA US)
Apply the principles of employment equity to organisational transformation (SAQA US)
Small business start-up
Business incubation
Successful Co-operatives
Demonstrate an understanding of an entrepreneurial profile (SAQA US)
Analyse, interpret and communicate information (SAQA US)
Advertising Practice (SAQA US):
  Creative Strategy and the Creative Process
  Colour and its uses in Advertising
  The Advertising Agency
  The Advertising Campaign
Advertising Production: (SAQA US)
  Organisation and Functionality of the Advertising Agency
  The Printing Process
  Print Reproduction
  Binding, Foiling, Folding, Stitching
  Direct Mail
  Radio and Television Production
  Outdoor Media and Production for Outdoor Media
Advertising Principles: (SAQA US)
  Introduction to Advertising
  Types of Advertising
  Advertising Functions
  Advertising and Societal Factors
Communication Skills (SAQA US):
  Emotional Intelligence and Own Communication Style
  Inter-personal Relationships
  Inter-personal Skills
  Emotions, Personality and Personality styles, Self-esteem
  The Communication Process
  Verbal Communication (oral)
  Listening Skills and Empathy
  Verbal Communication (written)
  Non-verbal Communication
  Body Language
  Organisational Communication
  Multi-cultural Communication
  Barriers to Inter-personal Communication
  Handling Inter-personal Conflict
  Etiquette and Protocol
  Written Communication
Brandy Production (SAQA US):
Evaluate the sensory quality of unmatured and matured wine spirits
Transfer and blend unmatured and matured wine distillates
Receive and handle rebate and distilling wine for beverage distilling purposes
Carry out wine spirits wood maturation
Entrepreneurship (SAQA US):
Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial qualities
Identify, analyse and select business opportunities
Small Business Counselling (SAQA US):
Develop own ability to provide a business advisory service for SMMEs
Explain marketing for SMMEs
Export Orientation (SAQA US):
Conduct international marketing research
Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts underlying importing and exporting
Road Freighting (SAQA US):
Controlling hazardous/dangerous goods
Convey dangerous goods by road
Receiving and dispatching freight and handling freight returns
Packing, handling and securing freight
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in the workplace and its effects on a business sub-sector (SAQA US)
Writing data processing and coding instructions (SAQA US)
Hairdressing (SAQA US):
  Perform hair braiding and dreadlock techniques
  Prepare and finish off salon services
Quality Management Systems (ISO)
GMP: Food Packaging Production
GMP: Food Processing
GMP: Transport and Storage of Food
GAP: Animal Products
Customer Service
Why customer service?
Manage customer requirements and needs and implement action plans (SAQA US)
Care for customers (SAQA US)
Business English (NQF Level 4)
Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business (SAQA US)
Identify business success issues for SMMEs (SAQA US)
Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment (SAQA US)
Finance for non-Financial Managers (SAQA US)
Describe and assist in the control of fraud in an office environment (SAQA US)
Develop and implement a strategy and action plans for a team, department or division (SAQA US)
Manage expenditures against a budget (SAQA US)
Apply the principles of corporate governance and ethics in a function (SAQA US)
Interpret basic financial statements (SAQA US)
Self-management practices in the workplace (SAQA US)
Demonstrate knowledge of diversity within different relationships in the South African society
Identify the importance of customer service in the wholesale and retail environment
Describe the impact of customer service on a business
Identify and discuss inappropriate behaviours in the workplace
Identify potential hazards and critical safety issues in the workplace
Identify personal values and ethics in the workplace
Understand the employer/employee relationship
Identify key features of tourism in South Africa
Understand the nature of tourists in and to South Africa
Identify career opportunities in different sectors of the tourism industry
Manage Personal Finances
Business Writing (advanced course)
Business Writing (introductory course)
Chairing Meetings
Conflict Management
Communication Skills (basic course)
Communication Skills (advanced course)
Emotional Intelligence
English Improvement: Grammar and Punctuation
English Improvement: Vocabulary and Comprehension
Etiquette and Protocol
Event Management (basic course)
Event Management (advanced course)
Handling Inter-personal Conflict
Internal Communication
Marketing 101
Minutes of Meetings and the Role of the Committee Secretary
Public Relations Today
Recognise Diversity when delivering Customer Service
Report Writing (basic course)
Report Writing (advanced course)
The Professional Receptionist
The Executive Secretary
Travel and Event Management for Secretaries
Travel Management for Secretaries and PA’s
Business Writing Basics – An Introduction
Writing Funding Proposals
Writing Policies & Procedures
Filing and Records Management
The Professional Office Administrator
Assertiveness and Conflict Management
Customer Service and Dealing with Difficult Customers

Evaluation and Improvement:

We are also happy to assist with evaluation of existing material, mapping to Unit Standards and with courseware improvement to meet SAQA or Seta requirements.