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The key objective of this introductory one-day training course is to give all attendees the confidence and practical know-how to write professional, polished proposal. Rather than a boring lecture on English grammar, this inter-active workshop will take attendees through a step-by-step process that will ensure they fully understand the practicalities of formal proposal and grant conventions and structuring.

Course Outcomes:

The course will ensure that attendees understand the basic principles of those matters that are integral (not peripheral) to proposal writing, without which a report cannot be prepared, i.e.:

• Basic principles, including why a funding proposal is written and for whom

• The advantages and disadvantages offered by different types of agencies

• Who is likely to read the proposal

• Choosing a donor

• Understanding what the donor wants and the implications for the proposal

• Packaging the proposal

• Knowing own organisation


• Planning the project

• Knowing the context

The course will also cover all formal proposal and grant conventions and structure, including: Title Page, TOC, Executive Summary, Plan, Conclusion, Budget, Appendices and supporting documentation, Bibliography and References.

Who should attend

The course has been designed as a workshop that ensures attendee participation through a plethora of exercises and practise opportunities. Many examples of proposals and related elements are included.

It is intended for anyone who is involved in preparing funding or grant proposals and is therefore a generic course that is not specific to any one level in an organisational hierarchy nor any one industry.