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The professional secretary and PA of the 21st century is no longer a document copier, copy typist or shorthand writer. Rather, the role is rapidly evolving into a vital resource for busy managers and executives, with responsibility being given for all aspects of travel management, including: making arrangements, controlling costs and budgets, contracting suppliers and SLA’s, etc. This means that today’s PA and secretary needs to be multi-skilled and able to function independently at a higher level than ever before.

This one-day, practical workshop covers all the basic aspects of travel management plus some of the management aspects of this business expense. It also provides a great deal of in-depth detail from the world of the travel agent that is not usually known outside of the travel industry. It will provide attendees with the necessary tools and the confidence to arrange travel and manage the travel function within their organisations. The workshop has been designed as a hands-on practical workshop, with sample checklists provided and built-to-purpose checklists being prepared during the course, many examples and handy hints provided, etc.

This training course has been specifically developed for the PA, Secretary and Office Administrator or Office Manager who arranges travel and who takes responsibility for the organisation’s travel. This course will also be of benefit to other employees whose function involves organisational skills in these areas.

Course Outline:

• Traveller profiles and personal preferences

• Stress and problems when travelling

• Home comforts

• Do-it-yourself, including helpful tools

• Travel policy

• Outsourcing, including understanding travel agencies

• SLA’s

• Travel elements

• Checklists and timelines

• Flights, including the pro’s and cons of specific seats and seating areas on different airplane models

• Transfers and car hire

• Accommodation

• Forex, including options

• Passports and Visas

• Itineraries

• Other travel essentials, including: health matters, jet lag

• Time zones and the international date line, the world clock

• The phonic alphabet

• Emergency calls

• Post-travel management, including surveys and management reporting

• Budgets