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The most professional PA’s, Secretaries and Administrators are those who build strong positive relationships with their colleagues and customers, who understand the importance of recognising diversity, who understand what conflict is and how it functions in the workplace and are able to communicate effectively and manage a records system that allows for easy retrieval of any record when it is needed. They also understand diversity, how it functions in the workplace, the problems that it leads to and the value that embracing diversity can bring to an organisation.

This three-day course will help secretaries, PA’s and Administrators to develop the skills that will provide more self-confidence, enhance competence and build positive, supportive and career-enhancing relationships. This course is suitable for Supervisor, Administrators, Secretaries and PA’s who are looking to grow their skills and the contribution they make at work in order to improve their career prospects and the relationships they have at work. This will result in a greater chance of success and feeling happier and more content in the working environment.

The course covers the following:

Communication skills: Understanding the challenges and processes of effective communication; Listening skills; Virtual communication tools; Understanding your communication style; Assertive communication techniques
Handling the unique demands of your role: Become more confident in making sound decisions; Creating new ways to ask questions; Understanding your team, and working with their strengths and weaknesses
Conflict resolution and management: Assessing your conflict style; Understanding the five styles of conflict
Organisational planning: Planning your day; Setting priorities – going back to basics; Developing a system; Learning to delegate
Dynamic leadership: Understand your leadership style; Defining the team's roles; Taking charge with assertiveness; Delegation without dumping
Filing Systems: Why should organisations have a good filing system; Important things to know about filing; How to set up a filing system; Filing procedure, maintenance and safety; Example of a filing key
Recognising and dealing with diversity at work: Recognising diversity; Customer service and diversity; Aspects of diversity; Using reasonable assumptions but avoiding stereotyping; Managing diversity