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The ability to write clear, concise, correct reports is a skill needed by employees at every level of an organisation besides the most basic, junior and entry levels. However, many employees do not have the skills to prepare basic business reports. They are unsure of the format, style and layout requirements of these formal documents and often do not understand the purpose of the report, why it must be writer or who the real recipient is.

The one-day, introductory workshop has been designed to provide attendees with assistance in this regard – and perhaps even encourage attendees to seek additional, higher level training in report writing-related matters. The course has been designed as a hands-on workshop that ensures attendee participation through a plethora of exercises and practise opportunities as attendees work through the structure and setting out of a report. Examples of reports, report sections and related elements are included.

This course is suitable for the more junior or entry-level business report writer, including supervisors and entry level managers.


This workshop will provide attendees with a basic understanding of the following aspects of report writing:

• Reports: types, audience, purpose, style, generalisations, research

• Report Structure: sections

• Reports: additional elements

• Layout