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Most organisations – be they public, private or not for profit – understand the importance of strategic communication i.t.o. customers, clients, voters, donors and other external stakeholders. Marketing, Advertising, Investor Relations and the like all receive their fair share of the organisation budget as well as the support and the respect of senior executives. Staff, however, are often neglected, with executives failing to recognise or understand the importance and the impact on the bottom-line of a motivated goal directed workforce. The result is little support for Internal Communications, no strategic approach and a reactive scramble in response to a crisis or a once-off Change Management intervention. The impact of constant, rapid change that is a given in the 21st century is not recognised as requiring ongoing change management or internal communication. This despite recognised research on Internal Communications that shows the positive bottom-line impact of effective strategic internal communication that motivates, directs and facilitates employees performing most effectively and therefore ensuring the organisation meets its goals.

This course is designed to provide a solid understanding of the Internal Communications discipline to enable practitioners, those in support roles or those who manage this function or IC practitioners to perform effectively and to help the organisation achieve its goals.

This two-day course includes a number of sample documents and is suitable for the following people:

• PR, Communications, Advertising, HR or Marketing practitioners

• Support staff who work in the PR, Communications, HR, Advertising or Marketing functions

• Managers and Executives who are responsible for the PR, Advertising, HR, Communications or Marketing functions in their organisations

Course Outcomes

The course will provide a good understanding of Internal Communications and course outcomes are therefore an understanding of all aspects that will enable improvement, development and effective delivery of internal communications within an organisation.

The course material covers the following aspects of IC:

• Understanding IC, purpose and development stages, change management

• Organizational theories, Internal Communications theories

• Benefits, Problems and the need for IC

• Roles performed and Skills required

• Strategy and Planning

• Understanding the Organisation, Developing a Strategy

• Goal and Objectives

• Audience, Diversity and Segmentation

• Tools and Tactics

• Face-to-face, Print, Electronic, IT, Events

• Feedback and Evaluation

• Measurement Tools, Gunning Fog Index