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Top level managers rely heavily on Executive Secretaries to help them achieve corporate success. It is understood that in order to perform this vital role Secretaries should have excellent word processing, typing and shorthand knowledge, take charge of organizational correspondence and use excellent communication skills and business writing skills, deal with clients, manage records and filing. However, there is far more to the role than just administration and ‘hard skills’ in your role as an Executive Secretary/PA, which is crucial in supporting and assisting key individuals within your organisation.

You have the responsibility of organising, coordinating and managing practical aspects of your office, and also, perhaps more importantly, people issues. This calls for the ability to manage others with tact and diplomacy whilst retaining your focus on the vital objectives of your boss and your organisation. You need to organise and arrange schedules so that executives can perform efficiently and therefore time management is crucial. And you need to fill your boss’ shoes when she is away.

So your role is a demanding and sometimes very stressful one. And you need to develop a long list of both hard and soft skills to perform at an executive level. This comprehensive two-day interactive workshop will help you learnt a little more about these skills and make a start on developing these skills. The following topics will be dealt with, but you need to understand that no two-day course can deal with this very long list of topics in a thorough or detailed manner as many of the topics require one, two or three days to ensure proper understanding and learning. You will therefore not be an expert or skilled in any of the topics after two days of training. What the course will do is introduce the topics, look at a few aspects of some of them and hopefully stimulate your interest in them and perhaps prod you to undertake a more intensive course in a few of the areas where you think you need more assistance.

Here is what we will touch on in this practical, inter-active two-day course:

The qualities of an Executive Secretary
Your role in the company
Time management
Decision making
Creative problem solving
Diary management
Project planning
Work planning
Stress management
Travel Arrangements
Organising meetings
Taking minutes at meetings
Petty cash
Communication skills
Telephone etiquette
Business letters
Faxes, Memorandums and E-mails
Document presentation
Filing systems
Customer service and client care
Conflict resolution