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The 21st century is a customer-centric time for most organisations across the globe, with increasing competition from within and beyond home borders being the order of the day. Many organisations are finding that they are not performing as well as upstart or international competitors, nor as well as the customer would like - with customers increasingly counting their pennies and looking for better service for their Rands. Yet customer service is one of the keys to keeping customers and therefore keeping the organisation running – and growing. But many companies find that trying to deliver world-class or even good customer service is something that they struggle with and they experience what the customer service experts quote repeatedly: customers vote with their feet and when one leaves, it costs 5 times more to find a new customer than it would have been to keep the existing one.

So customer service is crucial to all organisations, no matter what industry they operate in or what service they provide – yes, even government agencies, municipalities and other tax-funded organisations, as the developments in the Middle-East and north Africa revealed in 2011.

This interactive one-day workshop will help you develop the understanding and skills to provide better customer service to the people who pay your salary and allow your organisation to exist, i.e. your customer. Adopting best-practice and ensuring excellent customer service in your organisation will provide the following long-terms benefits:

Ensure you stand head and shoulders above the competition
Exceed customer expectations and encourage repeat business
Increase business through word of mouth recommendations
Attract higher quality staff and improve staff retention
Reduce unpleasantness and conflict
Keep your organisation in existence – which, of course, means helping you keep your job

This course is designed to help you understand and adopt best-practice i.t.o. of customer service, with the following aspects being dealt with:

Understanding customer service
21st century customer service
Poor customer service
Obstacles to good service
Positive attitude and becoming more positive
Good customer service
Delivering customer service excellence
Customer service guidelines
Telephone etiquette for customer service
E-mail etiquette for customer service
Using initiative
Questioning skills
Listening skills

No course on customer service would be complete without dealing with a difficult, but all too common aspect of customer service, i.e. how to deal with difficult customers. This course will provide helpful guidelines and understanding on this critical aspect of customer service, specifically i.t.o.:

Dealing with difficult people
Understanding terminology and different types of "difficult"
Dealing with difficult situations
Crack the Egg method

Helpful tools and hints are included, as are case studies and selected research – all of which will set you on the road to delivering customer service excellence in your organisation.