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The irony of managing organisations in the technological age is that in most organisations there are more meetings, rather than less. Meetings are becoming increasingly problematic, with attendees reporting lack of productivity, boredom, time-wasting, pettiness, frustration, conflict and irritation. An effective meeting chairman is able to reduce all these problems and ensure an effective, efficient and productive meeting that serves as a valuable tool for managing an organisation.

Unfortunately, not many chairmen receive the necessary training to enable them to fulfil their role as a committee chairman effectively. This one-day intervention aims to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to those who act as chairman of any committee.

Course Outcomes:

Course outcomes are to ensure all attendees:

• understand the purpose of meetings

• are familiar with meeting terminology and formalities

• understand the role of the various office bearers

• are familiar with required and accepted meeting conduct, formal procedures and the mechanism used to control meetings

• are able to read certain signs indicated by the body language of attendees and energise attendees

• are able to deal with abuse of position, voting, motions, dissent, rescissions, no confidence, etc

• understand how speakers should be accommodated at formal meetings and understand formal debating procedure