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Our fast-paced, high-tech age has not reduced the need for effective business writing skills. In fact, it has substantially increased the need for skill in preparing business documents and is a skill that is vital to those who are serious about a job or career.

Unfortunately, with OBE education the order of the day (for the moment), the rapidly reducing levels of literacy, the increasing reliance on computers to “write” for people and more communication flowing at an increasingly rapid rate, the need for clear, readable and understandable communication is increasing.

Course Outcomes:

This two-day workshop is practical, engaging and interactive and outcomes are linked to the following:

• It provides attendees with an understanding of the need for better business communication.

• It looks briefly at how one communicates and why, in the context of the business environment.

• Some of the widespread problems associated with communication, business communication and business communication in the English language are addressed so that a number of the pitfalls can be overcome.

• The course deals with some of the basic rules and guidelines for preparing business texts and at the following documents frequently used within the business environment: e-mail, fax, memorandum, letter, notice.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of the need to improve their written business communication skills and of the fundamentals concepts that will help with this improvement over time. They will complete many exercises and have an opportunity to compare their writing, view examples and critically assess the writing of others.