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Training in the art of social skills in both the business and social environment is, sadly, disappearing. Without training and the necessary exposure over years of formal social interaction, many managers and executives find themselves at a loss when it comes to acceptable behaviour in the business environment and in business-related social settings.

This one-day intervention aims to enhance and polish an employees’ business image – and therefore an organisation’s image. It will allow the employee to develop etiquette skill, sophistication and confidence. It aims to provide an understanding of good business etiquette, which will enable employees to interact with and perform in a professional manner in most business situations (including social settings) when interacting with business people from all levels of an organisation – including CEOs, Ministers and other dignitaries.

Course Outcomes:

This workshop is not designed to teach basic skills, such as how to answer a telephone or respond to an e-mail. It is pitched at a high level and will help employees develop an understanding of the following aspects of business etiquette and social skills and the course outcomes are therefore an extended familiarity with the problems and the requirements in a professional environment:

• meeting and greeting

• dress

• wining and dining

• special events

• taboos and generalities of business etiquette and social skills

• communication for special occasions

• dignitaries and foreigners