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Both educationalists and researchers report that literacy levels and English competency are reducing rapidly. Problems that are aggravating this situation include the new OBE education system, lack of delivery by government departments, mismanagement of funds and fraud, an acute shortage of teachers and unmanageable numbers of learners in classrooms.

The problem with English then evidences in organisations as a lack of competency, unprofessionalism, a lack of productivity, conflict, time wasting, increased costs, etc.

This three-day course will provide some assistance with the improvement of English used in the working environment. It focuses on the underlying fundamentals of correct English, whilst ensuring all content is typical of the working world. The course is a practical, participative course that is constructed around exercises carefully designed to ensure real learning by attendees and relevance to the world of work. The workshop will help employees at all levels of the organisation to improve their level of competence with English typically used in a working environment.

Course Outcomes:

The course covers the basics of the following aspects of Business English and course outcomes are therefore an understanding of these aspects and an extended familiarity with the problems and the correct usage:

• Definition of Business English

• Common problems with Business English: jargon, acronyms and abbreviations, terms and concepts, slang, colloquialisms, neologisms

• All aspects of punctuation in the English language

• A thorough look at grammar and common problems in this area

• Vocabulary correction, improvement and extension and spelling rules and problems

• Phraseology, including collocations

Please note that this is not an ABET course. It is pitched at a home language NQF 4 level and is therefore not suitable for those who have only a most basic or rudimentary ability in English.